Have you always lived in the Seattle area?

I have not, if you’ve heard my voice on my Instagram stories or mentioned in a few of my posts. I am British, I was born in London and bounced around all over England and Scotland. I moved with my husband to Washington State in 2014 and lived on the Easton side of the state where my husbands family is from for a short time. We then decided the best move for our family would be to move to the East Seattle area.

How old are you?

I am 26 and a Sagittarius.

When did you get Sophie and Spike?

Sophie and Spike are both rescues. We believe they are roughly 8 years old but in our eyes are forever puppy’s. We got Sophie just after I moved to the states, I had always wanted a chihuahua ever since I could remember and when I had first moved here I found myself feeling lonely being away from my family and friends. Roughly 6 month after we got Sophie, we got Spike. Sophie has been trying to play with much bigger dogs and we worried she’d end up hurt or that she was lonely. Now we always joke that Sophie is my dog and Spike is my husbands dog but they are best friends and have such a sweet bond.

How is it having such small dogs with a baby?

Our dogs are great with her!! They will let her pet them and will give her kisses, if they have had enough of her they simply walk of to there bed or the couch. Ellie is very gentle with them, she will play tug of war with them occasionally with their toys and though she weighs 6x their weight they always beat her, team work maybe. She will also give them treats or try to hand feed them their dinner, it’s just adorable!!

I’ll add to these as different questions get asked! Again, don’t be a stranger guys!