What’s in my diaper bag

What’s in my diaper bag

I actually have three “diaper bags”. The first one I brought when I was expecting my little girl, it’s huge, cumbersome and has all the features we will probably never use and definitely do not need but it was on sale and as a new expectant mother I thought I needed it.

The first Diaper Bag is the XLR8 Connect & Go by Baby Boom I chose this as I thought it had so many features I needed and that due to its style my husband wouldn’t mind being the one to carry it around when were together. This was on sale when toys’r’us was closing, oh how we miss toys’r’us!

This is my diaper bag I tend to leave in the car for back up of extra everything. In the biggest pouch there is extra diapers, wipes, outfits for if Ellie gets messy and disposable baggies. These bags I use to put dirty diapers in, dirty outfits to take home and wash and if I need a trash bag they’ve come in handy for that too!

In the second section is a wipeable changing mat, A&D diaper ointment that I don’t really use but it’s good to have just in case, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and boogie wipes.

In this section I also have Ellie’s little first aid kit. In there is bandages, alcohol wipes, antihistamine cream, pre loaded syringes filled with her correct does’s of Benadryl (Antihistamine) and Tylenol (Acetaminophen).

There’s also a section on top of her diaper bag that I believe is to store pacifier’s, Ellie never really took to these, we maybe have a handful of pictures where she using one. We use this section to keep her EpiPens in as its quickly accessible if needed, Ellie’s EpiPens are the only item that I move between bags and always make sure to have with who ever’s watching her.

The third section has snacks for me and snacks for Ellie it’s good to have a little extra in case of a short trip turning into a long trip. For instant when my tire burst but that’s a whole other story, but the lesson I learnt there was to always be prepared!

There is also two cooler sections, one on the side for a drink, I put Ellie’s water bottle in this section and one in the front for snacks I’d want to keep cooler for longer.

This diaper bag is great to have for peace of mind but is pretty big for lugging around even though it can be a back pack or clip to the handles of the stroller. I just find myself not needing it often for my little girl, once we figured out her allergies we stopped having blowouts and stopped needing a lot of the extras for cleaning said blowouts.

My second “diaper bag” as I call it is actually just a small purse. In there I have the normal thing most people have in their purses; a wallet with ID, debit cards and change. In addition to those things I have a mini hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, baby wipes, a spare diaper and again snacks. This is just a little purse I can through over my shoulder for short trips round target and popping into places like story time at the library. I have everything I need to change Ellie and I’m not to far away from the car if I were to need something more.

My third “diaper bag” is a large purse. It has all of the same items as my small purse but additionally fits a water bottle for Ellie and of course MORE SNACKS!! There’s also room if I need anything for myself hair ties, makeup, perfume and all sorts.

I’m sure as my little girl gets bigger what’s in my diaper bag will change but for now this works perfectly for us. What’s in your diaper bag? anything you cant go anywhere without?

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