Top five baby products I’d recommend

Top five baby products I’d recommend

This is a list of my top five products. I wish I had known about some of these from the start, as I found out about them a little late in the game and know my life would have been just that little bit easier if I had know about them. So hopefully these suggestions can help someone else life be that little bit easier or help you decide if it’s something you really need if you’re on the fence about an item.

My number one product that I’ve loved since I got home from the hospital after having Ellie is the boppy pillow. I firstly had an off brand version and though it worked, once it broke and I upgraded to the brand name pillow the difference in quality was clear. My off brand broke within 2 months and the boppy pillow I replaced it with is still holding strong now. I no longer use it for feedings but it is now used by Ellie for a comfy place to sit to read or eat or to lean against from time to time. This pillow saved my arms, back and had saved me from having to do many pretzel poses with my legs. I think anything that makes feeding your baby easier weather breast fed or bottle fed is a must have. You shouldn’t spend that time uncomfortable and a lot of that first year is spent feeding.

My second recommendation is a breast pump. A fed baby is best so weather you use formula or breast feed as long as baby is eating and gaining weight appropriately for there percentile that is all that really matters. If you do choose to breast feed a good pump is a must have! Maybe you exclusively pump due to latching issues or through choice or maybe you’re a working mama and need to pump whilst you’re away or a stay at home mama who wants to have a backup stash. Either way you are going to end up spending a lot of time attached to a pump. My little girl personally hasn’t taken a bottle since she was 3 months old, f mama’s around she wants the breast. However I still use my pump often, when she cut her nightly feeds and I woke up engorged I would pump, when she started eating around 6 months and I was making foods for her that requires a liquid(milk) I would use breast milk and of course I would still pump and offer her bottles though she refuses them still.

A great resource some women may not have heard of is airflow, you tell them your information and they get in contact with your insurance and send you a link to breast pumps you qualify for under your insurance and simplify the whole process for you.

My third must have item is a sleep sack or swaddle depending on your babies preference. My little girl hated being swaddles so for us sleep sacks were perfect. We have both the ones with and without sleeves, we got ours from Carters. The sleep sack with sleeves is useful for winter time or when Ellie’s bed was in our room we prefer to sleep in a cooler room so wanted to make sure she was bundled up nicely. The short sleeve sleep sack works great for when it’s hot or nights when it was warmer and the long sleeve seamed to much.

My fourth must have is our ergo 360 Carrie. We’ve had this since my daughter was born so we also have the infant insert which really came in handy for when she was a newborn! We loved the seat insert for a few months longer without the wrap casing too, she seemed more comfortable and supported on our adventures with this. When I’m with my husband he will wear Ellie, the nice thing about the ergo is it’s easily adjustable. So if my husbands been wearing her one day and then I am wearing her the next it takes seconds to adjust for a comfortable and secure fit. I also love that this Carrie can grow with her and it’s made sturdy enough to last.

My fifth and final must have is our pack n play. Pack and plays are great for travel and this is kind of obvious by the name but I love ours also to corral our daughter. I don’t love play pens, I like that my daughter can roam and explore the house as I supervise and play with her. But if I need to cook dinner whilst she’s awake I’ll roll the pack and play near to the kitchen and pop her in there with her current favorite toys to keep her entertained and this works great for me. We also picked a pack and play that has a changing table attachment and this had been great! It’s was nice to have somewhere when she was smaller to change her down stairs that isn’t permanently there and can be easily tucked away.

I feel I have so many items I could recommend but these are my top picks. What are your must have items? Or items you would recommend skipping? Click here for a list of items I regret buying and didn’t need.

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