Surviving babies first cold

Surviving babies first cold

My poor baby girl had just gotten over her first cold when I wrote this last summer. We frequently have play dates, go to story time and out in public in general, so how she caught a cold I’m not 100% sure out of the many places we go. Luckily it skipped this mama and I was able to fully look after my poor baby girl!

My two favorite products that got us through this time were the NoseFrida and baby Vick’s vapor rub. I was gifted our NoseFrida by my sister in law at my baby shower, now having used it I would highly recommend this for your baby registry or a must get for yourself. We had been using a traditional bulb that we had from the hospital when Ellie was born, though this didn’t seam to help clear her enough and was hard to clean. When my baby girl was still sounding like a little truffle pig and it was effecting her eating and sleeping. I then caring more for my daughters comfort then my own grossness level, I opened the box and gave it a go.

Just wow! I had no idea a baby could have that many boggers! The NoseFrida worked great, I could see everything it was getting out and that it wasn’t getting up the tube I was sucking on. Thank goodness!! I could tell her nose was clear not just due to visibly seeing the mucus but also being able to hear her breathing clearer. This was a great relief for this mama! My daughter does fuss a lot whilst I’m using the NoseFrida, however after reading several reviews it seams if your little isn’t fussy when you’re using the NoseFrida then you aren’t using it right.

After 3 days the NoseFrida was still doing its job great but my daughter still had the sniffles. She had now also developed a cough, me and my husband took it in turns sitting in the bathroom with her using the steam from the shower to hopefully loosen the mucus. But we couldn’t feasibly live in the bathroom all day. A mom friend of mine then suggest baby Vick’s. We rubbed this on my daughters back and chest before poping on her footsie pajamas before her bed time and nap times. After one day using this her cough seamed better and her nose wasn’t as runny though the NoseFrida would still be our best friend for a few days.

I would also suggest if it seams your baby has a cold if you don’t already do so ordinarily, is to have daily baths. You don’t have to use soap each time if you’re worried about drying out your little’s skin. My daughter is still young so unable to tell me if she’s ache, however she seamed happier after a bath. I used this time to clean her face better also, as the NoseFrida seamed to be giving her a slight aversion to having her face touch and she would have a few dried boggers I’d be spending the day wrestling to get. I think this is also because my little girl is very independent and doesn’t like anyone doing anything for her especially if she thinks she can do it.

But after a week and a half, but what had felt like forever! Her cold was gone!! I had taken her temperature regularly and knew this was nothing to run to the pediatrician about and these few things helped us, help her. What are some products you’ve loved when your little has had a cold, congestion or isn’t feeling well?

Edit: Now that Ellie is a year and a half she still fusses when I use the Nose Freda but says Thank you after, so I know she understands it helps.

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