Story Time

Story Time

My daughter and I have been going to story time since she was close to 4 months. We had tried a few different locations that hosted story time in our area and found the one that suited us best. Some others locations had been to crowded or weren’t at times that worked for us, Ellie NEEDS her midday nap and mama needs a happy Ellie.

I could tell she loved story time from the first time we went! In the beginning she would just baby watch and I could tell she was just raring to join in. I had posted many videos on my Instagram of Ellie sitting, on all fours, crawling and standing and had many moms messaging asking how I had been encouraging her to hit these milestones early.

Firstly this was not my doing she is a very independent baby when it comes to everything. I do feel a couple things did help to motivator her though. There’s also a few things to remember when it comes to milestones, firstly all babes are so unique and though your child may hit milestones earlier or later this won’t effect them in future, don’t worry they will still get into a good college! Enjoy each step for what it is, soon they will be running around and you won’t get a break! I miss the days of sitting on the floor and playing, now I’m running all over stopping my little girl from playing with things she shouldn’t be or from getting hurt.

I would definitely say if your looking to help motivate your little one go to story time or any outing that puts your baby round their peers. My daughter would see babies at story time and her friends at play dates moving in ways she hasn’t yet and I can see her watching and trying to figure out how to do it herself. I really think seeing other little people like herself doing these things makes her realize she can too!

I would say try a few story times out! They don’t cost, many library’s offer them so it’s easy to find one that works for you and importantly your little.

Story time I also think is great for moms, being a SAHM or even a working mum can be isolating. It’s nice to have others to talk to who understand what you’re going through with raising a baby and able to share in the highs and lows. It’s great to be able to share advise and tips, even if really we’re all just winging it and trying to do our best!

Where are some places you like to take your little to socialize and get out of the house? Swimming? Gymnastics? Music classes?

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