Snow 2020

Snow 2020

Ellie was born the end of spring 2018, so this year was actually her second time seeing snow. However the first time she was 7 months and I’m not sure if she remembered it nut I wouldn’t think so.

Back then she would stand at the window and stare out. This year was different, when the first snow had settled and she woke up in the morning to it she was in ore! At first she called them bubbles, this was her reaction to seeing steam for the first time also. I let her know it was snow and every time I’d let the puppy’s out to go potty you could tell she wanted to get outside.

I waited for Cameron to get home from work then we all bundled up warmly, we’ll mainly just Ellie as we didn’t plan to stay outside long. We took her into the front yard as the back yard is where the dogs go potty and we’ll you know…

Once we were outside, at first Ellie wouldn’t let me put her down. A few times I lowered her down and she just gestured to be picked right back up. I would pick her up and kept showing her the snow, eventually it was Cameron making snowballs that got Ellie down to play in the snow. They threw snowballs at the floor and soon enough Ellie was walking round in the snow exploring and wanting daddy to make all the snowballs.

Cameron and my hands got chilly from helping Ellie with the snowballs so we decided to head in. Ellie was so sad, she would have stayed out in the snow forever and played if we let her but unfortunately it was getting late and getting chilly.

During the week we set up snow on her high chair and gave her some paint brushes and food coloring so she could play with the snow and paint it. She loved this and it kept her entertained well into the snow melting and becoming a puddle on her tray.

Did you get out to play in the snow? For anyone who was house bound during the snow what were some activities you did at home to keep your babies/toddlers entertained?

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