Baby products I wouldn’t recommend

Baby products I wouldn’t recommend

There are a few items we brought whilst I was pregnant or were gifted at our baby shower as I had ask for them on our gift registry. These were things I thought we would need or thought would make life easier with our new born. A few months in I realize a few things we could have done with out to save money, storage or simply because we found them useless.

I had wanted a Bottle warmer as a few moms I knew were unable to breast feed and I wanted to be prepared in case Ellie needed formula. I also thought that if I could breast feed I would pump so my husband or family could feed Ellie on occasion. Fortunately I was able to breast feed but the few bottles I did pump were easily warmed up under the tap and this was quicker then the bottle warmer I had chosen from the great reviews. I think weather formula fed or breast fed a bottle warmer isn’t needed. Most baby’s will take milk from the fridge or warmed under the tap and a bottle warmer is just an extra piece of equipment taking up counter space and needing to be kept clean and it isn’t like we don’t have enough to do with a newborn/baby. We just found the bottle warmer unnecessary and having a baby means you already have a lot of things all over taking up space, which is to be expected but we didn’t need to add to that with unnecessary items.

We were gifted a wipe warmer by one of my husbands co workers who’s children were older now. At first I loved the concept that the wipes would be warm and comfortable for my little girls toshy. I tried the wipe warmer for a few packs of wipes and again found this in unnecessary step. We like to keep our home fairly warm so the wipes wouldn’t really get to cold and on the odd chiller day I would just hold the wipes in my hands for a few seconds before use and and that would do the same job as this cumbersome item.

I had convinced my husband to spend a little extra for the Halo bassinet. Upon looking at reviews I liked that this could be pulled closer to the bed or pushed away from the bed without disturbing baby. I also like the feature of the push down side, I thought this would make it easier for getting Ellie for feeding during the middle of the night. I can probably count with my fingers the amount of time Ellie slept in this bassinet. It was so uncomfortable we assume as it was so firm, we even brought a mattress pad in hopes this would make it more comfortable and Help Ellie to sleep better. I the next time around would just go straight for a more conventional bassinet or I see some people using their pack and plays. Even just using a crib from the get go and having it in our room for the first few months.

The last item I regret getting are pacifiers. I think getting one or two make sense to see if your baby will take them makes sense, however I feel I always sore babies with pacifiers so assumed they would be needed. So I brought some and were gifted some and decided to was and sanitize them all, in order to be prepared. I now feel I wasted that time and over half a dozen pacifiers, as Ellie only took them a handful of times in the first few months.

These are the items I regret most, though there are some items we have that I know we could have got by without. I feel now having had a baby I know when people say you really don’t need that much they were right but as a first time mom I was determined to be prepared and provide everything I thought my baby would need. What are some items you regret or could have lived without? Click here to see the top five products I would recommend.

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