Overnight Oats and benefits to eating oats

Overnight Oats and benefits to eating oats

Recently I’ve really been getting into over night oats, don’t get me wrong I love traditional oatmeal. I actually have it almost every morning with a dash of honey and some fruit, most often organic blueberries for anyone wondering.

Though I’ve been experimenting with over night oats, I came across an article about the health benefits of oat. One of which was maintaining a low blood pressure if eaten daily, also oats are great for keeping you feeling fuller longer and if you’re breastfeeding it can help with milk supply, to name just a few benefits!

After reading this article and as someone who already eats oats daily, I wanted to implement them into my husbands diet. I wondered if he would have time in the morning to cook oats and allow them to cool down to eat before heading of to work. I then started search other way to incorporate oats into your diet in a healthy way, when I came across over night oats.

This I thought was great as Cameron could wake up and they’re ready to go, he could eat them in the morning or take them to work for a snack without having to spend time in the morning prepping. I also put fruit in his over night oats, one because it’s delicious and two getting extra fruit into your diet never hurts.

For myself I still love my regular oats in the morning however have been dabbling with over night oats to replace sweet treats its my life. I love all things sweet and chocolaty but have been trying to cut back on my sugar intake. I’ve found so many yummy recipes that give me that sweet or chocolaty fix’s without the added sugar or calories. Currently my favorite is adding coco powder and shredded coconut, sometimes I use oat milk or mix of the two.

These oats are so easy to make in the evening and then in the morning you can just give them a stir and they’re good to go!

Do you have any over night oat recipes you love? share bellow and ill do an update in future if I find more recipes I love! or let me know if you’d like an in depth recipe or tutorial.

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